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Features and Benefits of Radiant Heaters

There is a wide range of benefits of installing radiant heaters into your industrial or commercial building. Those include;

  • Heat objects and people rather than the air, effectively turning them into heat reservoirs that release heat into the workspace over time.
  • Reduced heat loss through open shutter doors and windows.
  • Ease of installation and reduced maintenance costs.


Radiant Heating Systems Throughout the UK 

Radiant heating systems, do not heat the air. The radiant energy first heats the people and all the objects around the people including the floor. This effectively surrounds the occupants in a warm blanket of heat. The warm floor and objects then act as secondary heaters raising the air temperature.

If you have roller shutter doors that are frequently opened, then radiant heaters could be the ideal solution for you as the objects, people and floors in the room retain their heat and release it over time. The floor and objects within the building have maintained their heat and the building quickly returns to operating temperature. Even while the doors are open you will feel the benefit of radiant heaters, again like the sun on a cold winter's day.

Heaters wholesale can provide and supply a various range of radiant heating systems and solutions, including standard u/tubes, linear tubes and continuous radiant heating systems.